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Getting Started
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How to Participate

Tracking Change in Seasons and Climate Around the Globe
Each fall, people across the Northern Hemisphere plant Red Emperor tulip bulbs in Journey North Test Gardens to help monitor seasonal change in a scientific way. In the spring, when the plants emerge and bloom, test gardeners report their data to the maps. One garden at a time, the relationship between climate, geography and the greening of spring is revealed.

Local climate affects where, when, and how plants grow. Over time, the timing of plant growth can be used as an indicator of climate change. Everyone who participates in this international tulip test garden project contributes valuable information to a long-term database.

Dig In!
This fall, plant your own Journey North Tulip Test Garden so you can proclaim the greening of spring from your part of the world. Follow news updates and explore the maps to predict when tulip plants will emerge in your hometown.

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