Plant Tulips and Track the Seasons


Participate In the Journey North Tulip Test Garden Project

Fall is here. Join educators and students across the U.S. and Canada in planting Red Emperor tulip bulbs in Journey North Tulip Test Gardens. Order your Red Emperor blubs now so that you can plant tulip bulbs this fall.

How To Plant Your Tulip Test Garden

What to Report

  1. Report: Tulips Planted
  • When did you plant your Red Emperor tulip bulbs and how many bulbs did you plant?
  • Frequency: Report once in the fall. But remember to report from your garden again in the spring when your tulips EMERGE and when your tulips BLOOM.
  • Comments: In your comments, let us know more about your Tulip Test Garden. How far away (measured in feet) is your garden from a building? What more can you tell us about your garden (shady/full sun, flat/hilly)? How deeply did you plant your bulbs? 
  • Frequency: Report once in the fall. 
  • Photos: Always welcome. These photos provide a voucher for your observation.

Predict when your bulbs will emerge and bloom. Then in the spring report actual emergence and bloom dates to Journey North.

Download and print our new Journey North Tulip Test Garden Sign with either a black background or white background. 

yard sign

yard sign


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