More Species Arriving

April 29, 2022 by Team Journey North

May is almost here. Peak migration has arrived in certain areas and will move north over the coming weeks. What migratory birds are you noticing? Report your observations to Journey North.

“First of year Prairie Warbler.” Photo: Bernice in Mountain Top, PA (04/24/2022)

Weather Forecasts for Migrating Songbirds

After a slow start to spring, more favorable weather is boosting migration. Dr. David Aborn shares the latest news:

“The birds finally got a break. There has been a lot of movement across the country over the past week … What does the coming week look like? Well, in a word, good! If you look at the weather map, there are a couple of fronts moving across the country, but they don’t have much rain with them and weak north winds behind them. This weather pattern will allow more birds to make their way north, so there should be lots of sightings and new arrivals over the next week. Spring migration is peaking right now in the southern US, and is just picking up in other places, so the weather is cooperating at just the right time!”

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Chuck Henrikson’s Birding Report

Warbler activity is picking up at Journey North’s home base, the UW–Madison Arboretum. What species is Chuck Henrikson observing?

The number of different species of warblers has really jumped. Here’s a list of different warblers that were seen around Dane County: Beside Yellow-rumped Warblers there were Palm Warblers, Yellow Warblers, Northern Waterthrush, Black and White Warblers, Orange-crowned Warblers, Nashville Warblers, Black-throated Green Warblers, Pine Warblers and Blackpoll Warblers …These are just the first arrivals. There will be many more of the same species and new species to come. Remember we should be able to see about 30 species of warblers in the Arboretum or in Dane County. This morning on my walk in the Arb I saw 5 Palm Warblers and 1 Yellow Warbler.”

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Journey North Species

Baltimore and Bullock’s Oriole

There has been a huge influx of Baltimore Orioles. Since last week’s update on April 22, more than 350 reports have been submitted. Clusters of observations are coming from the Midwest, Southern Ontario, and the Northeast.

 Lorraine in Jersey City, NJ: “First sighting, came back multiple times during the day.” (04/26/2022)

So far this season, the northernmost report of a Bullock’s Oriole is from Emmett, Idaho (latitude 43.9°N).

Robert in Emmett, ID: “Put the feeders up 4/22. Spotted the fist male at the feeder today.” (04/27/2022)

Barn Swallow

As their name implies, Barn Swallows are often found around barns and other human-made structures as they nest almost exclusively in these areas.

Pete in Hastings, IA: “First Barn Swallows of the year spotted flying around our barn this morning.” (04/22/2022)

Common Loon

As spring progresses and ice-out events expand northward, more Journey North volunteers in Canada are welcoming back Common Loons.

Jean in Calgary, AB: “First loon sighted April 17 and second arrived April 20 2022.” (04/20/2022)

Red-Winged Blackbird

Now that many Red-winged Blackbirds have arrived to breeding territories, what are you observing? Any territorial or nesting behavior? Please report your observations to Journey North.

 Nash in Lumsden, SK: “First sighted under the bird feeder. Perched up in the trees above the spring runoff singing and calling, a very welcome sound.” (04/25/2022)

Avian Influenza

Many people are concerned about the current outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu). A recent Cornell Lab of Ornithology article provides a good overview and summarizes key points about the outbreak, especially among songbirds and other feeder visitors.