Signs of Spring

February 24, 2023 by Team Journey North

The spring equinox is just over a month away. The days are slowly getting longer and although winter still has a firm grip throughout North America, signs of spring are starting to emerge.

Daffodils in Bloom
Photo: Joe in Bishopville, MD (02/22/2023)

Spring is Near

Have you noticed day length slowly increasing or any signs of spring? Many Journey North observers are picking up on small, subtle changes that accompany seasonal transitions. Longer days and the return of certain plant and animal species are providing much-needed joy and optimism to get through the remaining days of winter.

Mike in Paducah, KY: “A pair of Blue Birds are house shopping and may have made a selection from 3 available choices…” (02/15/2023)

Tim in Bellefonte, PA:… our first event was spotting a Robin, followed by four more on February 9th On the flora side we have had Daffodil leaves (and buds, but no flowers yet) and Snow Drops show up.  And recently, a few yellow Crocus flowers have popped up. . .” (02/24/2023)

Karen in Fort Atkinson, WI: “Sandhill Cranes are back. I have not seen them, but I can hear their bugle call deep in the woods.” (02/22/2023)

Marilyn in Greensburg, IN: “Peeper frogs singing” (02/23/2023)

Report Your Observations

When will migration begin near you? What signs of spring are you seeing? Check out our maps from previous years to notice trends near you, and remember to contribute your observations to Journey North this spring!