Winter Flocks

January 1, 2022 by Team Journey North

In winter, American Robins are found from in large groups feeding on berries and nuts.

When will the first territorial songs be heard? Photo: Sara in Gulliver, MI

It’s January

In winter, American Robins are found from north to south. Some are basking in Texas and Florida while others are enduring the northern winter. Many are somewhere in between. As long as they can find fruits or berries, some may stay close to their summer areas even in fall and winter. Because they move in search of food, American Robins are not as faithful to their wintering grounds as most other songbirds. In the winter, American Robins wander in flocks and help one another find food and avoid predators.

Keep Reporting Your Observations and Submitting Photos

Soon we will hear the first territorial songs of the American Robin. Be ready to hear this iconic song of spring.