Robins on the Move

February 15, 2022 by Team Journey North

Spring is just under five weeks away! Report your American Robin observations and help document where they are present this time of year.

“We had another snow today. We looked out and saw 50 robins searching for food in our yard. Temperature was about 32. Cold after a week of temperatures in the 60s.” Photo: Frances in Bowie, MD (02/13/2022)

Harbingers of Spring

Some American Robins migrate while others remain in place throughout the winter months. For many people, American Robins are harbingers of spring. In mid-February, their presence is a telltale sign that spring is around the corner.

A Welcome Sight

Even with winter still blanketing much of North America, Journey North volunteers are reporting American Robins in good numbers. Berries are an important food source for robins during winter as they spend more time in trees than on the ground.

Candace in Randolph, NJ: “A big flock of robins descended on my Washington Hawthorn tree and front yard this afternoon. All the berries were eaten.This is exactly why I planted this tree when I moved here.” (02/03/2022)

Edwin in Brooklyn Street, NS: “Robins arrived in a flock and spent the afternoon eating a bush loaded with holly berries.” (02/09/2022)

Reports are coming in as far north as Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Angie in Thunder Bay, ON: “I was surprised to see a robin first in our mountain ash tree, then perched high up in our crab apple tree late this afternoon. We had an extreme cold warning today with a low temperature of -35 degrees celsius (without windchill)this morning. But the robin looked plump & healthy despite the frigid temperatures. We had a bumper crop of berries this year, so plenty left still to fill up on during the cold winter days. I am not convinced this is a first sign of Spring, but I was sure happy to see this robin as I haven’t seen one in our backyard since Nov 8, 2021.” (01/26/2022)

Help Track American Robins

Use the spring checklist to learn what to watch for and report this spring: first robins, first singing robins, waves of robins, nesting behavior, and first earthworms.