Nesting Season Is Underway

May 2, 2022 by Team Journey North

May is here and American Robin nesting behavior is being widely reported. Be on the lookout for nests, eggs, nestlings, and fledglings! And report your observations to Journey North.

Photo: Linda in Melbourne, IA (04/27/2022)

Nesting Reports Picking Up

American Robins are early breeders. Upon returning to their summer range, they are one of the first North American bird species to lay eggs. Throughout North America, reports of nests, eggs, nestlings, and fledglings are on the rise. 

Erin in Lexington, MA: “Fourth and final egg of the clutch!” (04/22/2022)

Dan in Calumet City, IL: “First day I saw a Robin in this nest that was left over from last year.” (04/29/2022)

Linda in Montrose, CO: “A pair of robins are actively building a nest in our Colorado Blue Spruce tree In our backyard.” (04/30/2022)


Have you ever seen a leucistic robin? Leucism is a genetic condition which prevents pigments from reaching some or all of a bird’s feathers. Leucistic robins tend to have white splotches on their feathers, but the eyes and skin remain their normal color. 

Take a look at these resources to learn more about leucism and albinism:

Report Observations

Keep reporting what American Robin activities you observe. Nesting behaviors including gathering materials for nests, egg laying, and feeding babies; other behaviors include foraging, mating, bathing, and many more. Checklist of Robin Observations.

Are You Noticing Other Birds?

Peak spring migration has arrived in certain areas and will move north over the coming weeks. What birds are you observing?

You can report observations of American Loons, Barn Swallows, Baltimore and Bullock’s Orioles, Red-winged Blackbirds, and other species to Journey North. Go to our sightings page and under the Select Species or Event dropdown menu, select Loon, Barn SwallowOriole, or Red-winged Blackbird. If you are seeing other species not listed, select All Other Signs of Spring.