Nesting Season in Full Swing

May 16, 2022 by Team Journey North

As spring progresses and summer approaches, American Robins shift their focus to the breeding season. Be on the lookout for nests, eggs, nestlings, and fledglings. And report your observations to Journey North.

Photo: Mark in Marysville, OH (05/12/2022)

Diligent Parents

As Journey North volunteers can attest, American Robins take their parental duties seriously. Males and females are responsible for certain jobs as they raise young. The female builds the nest, lays the eggs, and incubates them. Once the nestlings hatch, both parents get busy feeding them. When the nestlings fledge (leave the nest), both parents continue to follow and feed them. After a few days, the female builds a new nest and lays new eggs. While she incubates the new brood, the male continues taking care of the fledglings. By the time the new eggs hatch, the fledglings are ready to be on their own and the male is able to help feed the new nestlings.

Phil in Williamsport, PA: “4th egg appeared today.” (05/02/2022)

Debbie in Donnellson, IA: “One Robin sitting on her nest on a dreary, rainy day. Temperature at 48 F.” (05/03/2022)

Donna in Windsor, ON: “Feeding babies which hatched on May 7th, can only see 2 so far.” (05/11/2022)

Keep Reporting

Keep reporting observations of American Robins. Nesting behaviors including gathering materials for nests, egg laying, and feeding young. Other behaviors include foraging, mating, bathing, and many more. Checklist of Robin Observations.

Are you noticing hummingbirds and monarch butterflies? You can participate in these and a number of other Journey North projects throughout the rest of spring and early summer.