Whooping Crane Migration Update: February 29, 2008

Today's Report Includes:

  • Welcome: A Great Year for Whooping Cranes! >>
  • Highlights: News From the Wintering Grounds >>
  • Journal Question: Who is This Crane? >>

  • Where Are They? Visit the Wintering Grounds (Slideshows) >>

  • Coming Soon: Let's Track the Migration!>>
  • Links: This Week's Crane Resources >>

This crane has been up to mischief in February. Which crane? What kind of mischief? Find out here.
Photo Sara Zimorski
Welcome: A Great Year for Whooping Cranes!

The tallest bird in North America has something special to "whoop" about, and so do the people who work so hard to save this species.

  • The number of whoopers in the Western flock reached a record high.
  • The new Eastern flock has 24 juveniles safely on their wintering grounds.
  • The number of Whooping Cranes in the world has finally passed the 500 mark!

When we look back on spring 2008, what will we remember and celebrate? Stay tuned for an exciting new season!

Are these adults or juveniles? How do you know?

Photo WCEP
Highlights: News from the Wintering Grounds

Read >>
Tom Stehn's report

See >>
New Florida release gate

Read >>
Sara Zimorski's report

Welcome back to two experts from the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership who bring us the news! In Texas with the original natural flock, Tom Stehn tells us the great story of how he became part of crane history on December 4. In Florida with the Class of 2007, Sara shares photos, crane mischief, and news — including which three older cranes began their migration this week!

Journal Question: Who is This Crane?
Get Acquainted! "Meet the Flock" Activities >>

Read the banding code on this crane's right leg. (Read the 3 colored bands from top to bottom.) Then visit the life story pages to look for a matching banding code. Read about the crane's life.

  • Who is this HY2007 Whooping Crane?
  • List at least two interesting facts about this bird's life so far.

Write down your answers in your Journey North Whooping Crane Journal. >>

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Photo Sara Zimorski
Where Are They? Visit the Wintering Grounds (Slideshows)

Hunkered down today on their wintering grounds are most of the world's wild migratory whooping cranes: a total of 266 in Texas and 76 in Florida (37) or nearby states: SC (4), TN (18), AL (2), IN (1). Nine are unknown, and 5 have been missing for several months. Three early birds in the Eastern flock are migrating!

Take a trip to the wintering grounds — from the air and on the ground — to see where the whoopers are!

  • Western Flock Slideshow from Texas >>
  • Eastern Flock Slideshow from Florida >>

Coming Soon: Let's Track the Migration!
Starting in March, you'll see the migration progress of both flocks — ALL the world's migratory whooping cranes — live on our MapServer!
Click for migration animation >>
Click for migration animation >>
This Week's Crane Resources
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The Next Whooping Crane Migration Update Will Be Posted on March 14, 2008.