Migration Update: February 18, 2009
Welcome to the 2009 Journey North Bald Eagle Study!

Photo: Jon McRay

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Imagine this week...
Temperatures throughout the wintering grounds were in the 40-60°F range. Ice on the rivers must be melting. Spring activities for resident eagles may include gathering sticks for preparing nest sites.

Review last week's eagle locations and get ready for new data coming next week.
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Explore: U25's Amazing Migration
Eagle U25 has worn a small satellite transmitter on her back since the January 2006. This small backpack transmitter has given us a chance to follow along with her as she travels to the far northern latitudes to her summering grounds and back each year.

Given this opportunity to fly along with her each year we have learned some interesting things.

  • U25 travels to the same location each spring.
  • U25 begins her journey south around the same time each year

Visit the map (>>) to mark the location where U25 spends her spring and summer, and when she starts back south in the fall.
* Use a blank map in your Eagle Journal to record locations and dates.
Then enjoy the slide show!

Slide Show: Travels with a Backpack
Last spring and summer Peter Nye satellite tracked Eagle U25 over 1000 miles to her nesting site in Canada. Imagine you could fly along with Eagle U25. What would it look like to soar over the Canadian wilderness? Join the journey!
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Click through the slideshow, then zoom in and explore her nesting site yourself!
U25's Amazing Spring Migration Journey >>
Did You Know: Eagle Eyes

Did You Know

  • Bird eyes sometimes weigh more than the bird's entire brain!
  • Eagle eyes are the same size (weight) as human eyes (though a full grown adult Bald Eagle weighs no more than about 14 pounds!).
  • Eagles have 3 sets of eyelids!
  • Humans have oval-shaped eyelid openings and eagles have round-shaped eyelid openings.

Take an in-depth look at eagle vision this week. Ornithologist Laura Erickson from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology shares some cool facts with you. Read carefully to compare human vision with eagle vision. How are they similar, and how are they different?

  • Vision: In-depth Look at Eagle Eyes >>
Pigeon skull
This pigeon skull shows how large bird eyes really are!
Ask the Eagle Expert: Now Open

Get ready! Ask the Expert is Open Feb. 13 - 27!

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The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update Will Be Posted on February 25, 2009.