Hummingbird News: April 23, 2014
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As more females arrive on the breeding grounds, males that have established territories begin courtship. Image of the Week
Attracting a Female
Photo: Geri De Boer

News: Establishing Territories, Beginning Courtship
It has been two months now since the first ruby-throated hummingbirds have arrived along the Gulf Coast states. In some places hummingbirds are already beginning courtship.

Ruby-throats Arriving in Midwest
and Maine
While the leading edge of the migration falls along 40°N, mild temperatures and southerly breezes this week brought sighting reports of male and female ruby-throats as far north as Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Maine.

"Two days of very warm weather, and surprise they are back at feeder."
Deerfield, Wisconsin 04/21/14

"I have 2 females. They are here about 2 weeks early. Glad I put my feeder out."
South Portland, Maine 04/15/14

Rufous Moving Eastward to Montana
Many rufous are holding steady at 58°N along Alaska's Pacific Coast. At lower latitudes rufous are traveling east into Idaho and Montana following a migration pattern typical for late April.

"I spotted a rufous zipping through my yard, checking all the spots that I had feeders out last year. Now my feeders are up!"
Saint Regis, Montana  04/21/14

Western Species Highlights
A variety of western hummingbird species have arrived in higher elevations this week—even with snow still on the ground.

"Reporting first hummer at feeder. There are no flowering trees or bushes yet. We still have snow on ground. Maybe some bugs have appeared. " McCall, Idaho  04/20/14

Females Arrive
Photo: Crystal Rogers
Two Weeks Early!
Photo: Linsey Lucas
calliope in BC
Spring in the Rockies
Photo: Tania Simpson
"Bird migration is the heartbeat of the planet." - Ruth Padel
Slideshow: Hummingbirds Spring Into Action
When hummingbirds return to their breeding grounds in the spring they get down to the business of selecting a territory and starting their courtship ritual.

slide show
Maps: Tracking Migration
Robin Migration: What to Report

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