Arriving on the Wintering Grounds

October 16, 2018 by Elizabeth Howard

The first ruby-throated hummingbirds are arriving in Costa Rica, the far end of the wintering grounds.

“My first record for this season, actually a bit on the late side,” said Biologist Ernesto Carman, Guanacaste, Costa Rica on October 6, 2018

News from the Wintering Grounds

Ruby-throats are now arriving at points across the wintering grounds! According to eBird, people have reported our tiny travelers all across Central America since October 1st -  in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Costa Rica. October 6th was a busy arrival day in those countries, including the one seen and pictured above in Costa Rica by professional birding guide, Ernesto Carman.

    Winter on the Breeding Grounds!

    Meanwhile, an early-season snowstorm caught late hummingbirds by surprise.

    “Just when you think they are all gone! So glad I left one feeder up! We had our first snow today!”  Lincoln, Nebraska 10/14/18

    In the snow! With the temperature barely above freezing, this little hummer stopped for a drink.” Minneapolis, Minnesota 10/14/18

    Keep Watching and Reporting

    Migration is nearing the end, but people continue to report hummingbirds passing through. There are even sightings still coming in from Canada.

    “One lone hummingbird was observed feeding from the Vermillionaire and Salvia in the yard all morning on Oct 12. By the afternoon it had moved on and haven’t seen one since.” Lincoln, Ontario 10/12/18

    Keep watching! Tracking will continue even through the winter months. Let’s find out when and where hummingbirds are present.

    Thank You, Citizen Scientists

    As hummingbirds reach their winter home, it’s time to thank all of our citizen scientists who make tracking migration possible. Your observations and photos help tell the story of fall migration and document how each season is unique.