Spring Hummingbird Migration
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Peak Hummingbird Migration in Texas
Dorothy Edington
Hummingbird Feeding at Flower
Heather Ray
Hummingbirds at flower
Henry Domke
Hummingbird Migration in Texas
Ray Fostery

Track Spring Migration: February - June
Join us as we track the migration of hummingbirds traveling north from their wintering grounds.

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Report Your Sightings:
Which species of hummingbirds do you see in the spring?

  • Ruby-throated: Eastern U.S. and Canada
    When Ruby-throats return to their breeding grounds, they will have completed a remarkable journey back from Mexico and Central America. This species is the only hummingbird commonly found in eastern North America.

  • Rufous: Western U.S. and Canada
    The Rufous hummingbird travels the farthest north of any hummingbird — all the way to Alaska.

  • Other Species: Western U.S. and Canada
    Hummingbird diversity is far greater in the west than in the east. Western regions have 14 of the 15 species commonly found in the U.S. and Canada.

As spring advances, sunlight increases and a host of natural events are set in motion. Temperatures rise, ice melts, soil warms, plants grow, flowers bloom, and hummingbirds return. Citizen scientists across North America are observing seasonal changes and reporting their hummingbird sightings.

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