Making Their Way South

September 17, 2019 by Team Journey North

Hummers are on the move throughout their breeding range. Still waiting for the surge of sightings in southern U.S. states.

“Hummingbird nectaring on Zinnias this afternoon.” Photo and observation submitted by Amy. (09/14/2019; Newburgh, IN)

Passing Through, Still Fueling Up

Hummers are on the move throughout their breeding range. Many have left Canada. All migrating hummingbirds are busy fueling up for their journey south. Most hummingbirds at feeders in the north are likely migrants passing through and are not your familiar summer residents. As temperatures fall and days get shorter, juveniles and adult females will prepare to migrate south also.

Keep a tally by your feeder. Record the date each time you see one. Try to catch the date of your final hummingbird sighting of 2019?

From Cochrane, AB: Janice noted, I had just taken my hummingbird feeders down the day before…when I noticed 2 hummingbirds…a Ruby-throated and a Rufous Hummingbird…As of Sept 12th I haven’t noticed any hummingbirds. (09/12/2019) 

From Caledon, ONMichele commented, “Thrilled to see an adult male this late (my previous latest sighting was Sep 2nd). This little fellow is likely a traveler and not one of my resident males. Happy to provide him with fresh sugar water along his journey.” (09/16/2019) link to sighting

From Mount Cory, OH: Emily noted, “We have seen this male ruby throat for the past 3 days. He is keeping 2 females company. Which means fighting, chasing, feeding and endlessly entertaining us. The weather has been warm and there are still many flowers blooming to provide a source of nectar other than the 3 feeders we have. (09/15/2019)

From Pekin, IL: M stated, “Last sighting of our dominant adult male was in the early morning at the feeder. The remaining hummers are juveniles. (09/14/2019) link to sighting

From Olpe, KS: David commented, “We are usually down to 1-3 birds by this time, but we still have 15-25 birds. (09/13/2019) link to sighting

From Elizabeth, CO: Angela recorded, “One male Broad-tailed was back again, but I haven’t seen him for two days now..assuming he has moved on…I am seeing 3 immature hummingbirds: one possible immature Rufous female, one immature Broad-tailed male, one immature Black-chinned male. Feeding on flowers and feeders. (09/13/2019)

Still Waiting for the Surge of Sightings in Southern U.S. 

Observations are still concentrated in the north. A few Journey North citizen scientists are starting to report larger numbers of hummingbirds at their feeders.

From Houston, TX: Beverly awoke early to find “7 hummers guarding 7 feeders…All male Ruby-throated hummingbirds.” (09/13/2019) link to sighting

From San Marcos, TXI’ve got quite the aerial display happening right now with 5-6 hummers buzz-bombing each other at the feeders…” (09/16/2019) Link to sighting