A November Chill Yet Hummingbirds Remain

November 5, 2019 by Team Journey North

Due to the number of sightings in northern regions of US, we will post one last migration update at the end of November. Please keep watching and reporting.

“Briefly visited my hummingbird feeder.” Photo by: Brent (10/30/2019; Blue Earth, MN)

November Arrived Bringing Colder Temperatures and Snow 

Temperatures dipped into the single digits in portions of Canada and in the northern plains, Mississippi Valley and northern Rockies of the US. Yet, Journey North citizen scientists continue to report a few hummingbird sightings in these northern areas. 

From Fort Macleod, ABSheila is worried about the one remaining hummingbird when she noted, ”Well, he is still hanging on through another snow storm, raw north winds and freezing temps.” (10/31/2019) Link to report

From Ellensburg, WA: Anthony had “2 hummingbirds that are still here eating daily even with the single digit temperatures.” (10/29/2019)

From  Prineville, OR: Debbie reported “Still have one Anna’s immature male hanging around and eating from a feeder (which we now have a heat tape on due to below freezing nights). (10/29/2019) Link to report

From Hanford, CA: Tom reported that he “still had 1 Anna’s male and 3 females. Colder weather close to freezing may make them move south. Central California is still very nice during the day in the 70’s. Still have 2 small feeders and they are empty every 7 days.” (10/29/2019) Link to report

From Albuquerque, NMLinda commented that, “We have had hummingbirds here the past week…Last night it got down to 19 degrees so I was worried about the stragglers. But this morning they were there to feed on the room temp solution I put out first thing…This is the latest in the year I have seen hummingbirds in Albuquerque.” (10/31/2019)

From Valparaiso, IN: Kathi ”thought I saw a leaf fluttering in the wind against the window, then I realized it was a migration straggler! It was hovering around my frozen begonias and impatiens. I quickly thawed out my hummingbird feeder and refilled it. Poor thing! We had not had one in two weeks, and I had yet to take down my feeder. It stayed until midday.” (11/01/2019)

From Pekin, IL: M stated, “This was quite a surprise sighting at 4:30 this afternoon! Temp was in the high 30’s & wind NNE 4 mph. I first noticed this exhausted hummingbird sitting on a salvia branch preening. It fed off the few remaining salvia flowers & eventually made it up to the feeder after a short rest on the fence railing. It sat for a long time at the feeder & eventually fed heavily. It came back several times before dark. Brought the feeder in for the night to avoid freezing due to dropping temps in 30’s with possible rain/snow mix. Will put the feeder back out early tomorrow morning.” (10/29/2019)

From Taylorsville, KYPamela found, “This little guy is still here, 28 degrees this morning…I put a lamp up for him.” (11/01/2019)   

Sightings Continue to Grow in Gulf Coast states and in Florida. 

From Brandon, MSMelody reported, “Latest I’ve ever seen a hummingbird here. Glad I still have feeders up.” (11/03/2019)

From Montgomery, AL: Nancy noted that “My resident female Ruby-throated is still here, following her daily routine. Last year the female left on 10.24.18. [Two years ago in 2017 the last female left on] 10.28.17. Never November! Single travelers stop at the feeders in the evening - one each day the past couple of weeks - but she’s not convinced.” (11/01/2019) Link to report

From Houston, TXBeverly noted, “One sub adult Rufous. Don’t know if it will over winter yet as it looks very active/plump.” (11/05/2019) Link to report

From Naples, FL: Steven remarked, “This solo male continues to stay with us. We normally have seen several females by this point over the past 5 years. Even this male was later than usual in showing up. (10/29/2019)  

Keep watching and reporting — tracking continues through winter to document where hummingbirds are present.