Migration is Not Done Yet

November 10, 2020 by Team Journey North

Fall migration is nearing the end, but some hummingbirds remain on the move. If you're still observing hummingbird activity, keep reporting!

“Nectaring from flowers and feeding from my one remaining feeder. I believe them to be Rufous.” Photo: Lucy (Boerne, TX; 11/02/2020)

Late-season Rubies

A handful of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds remain in areas quite far from their overwintering grounds but most have headed south.

Teresa in Kahoka, MO: “He was a young migrator, here from Oct 20th to Oct 30th. While here, he visited/nectared from the flowers for the first 2 days and then mainly ate from the flowers but also came to the feeders. (10/30/2020)

Sandy in Monmouth, IL: “This by far is the latest I have ever had a regular at my feeder! One female RT still visiting daily. Warmer than usual temps this week! I hope this young gal gets on her way soon!!!” (11/03/2020)

Marilynn in Annapolis, NS: “Hummingbird nectaring from our flowers. I have put up a feeder again. Will watch and try for a photo.” (11/09/2020)

More Rare Rufous Reports

Journey North citizen scientists are still reporting Rufous Hummingbirds well outside their expected migration range. 

Debra in Lykens, PA: “Definitely not a Ruby-throat. We’re thinking a Rufous. It’s been hanging around for about a week (that we noticed).” (11/02/2020)

Christine in Chatham, MA: “Still here, and showing no signs of leaving. I’m hoping for a mild winter, and I’ll be keeping the feeders full and the fountains running. I only see this bird at the feeders, which she frequents throughout the day.” (11/07/2020)

Out West

Patrick in Colorado Springs, CO: “Had 1 hummer at our feeder this morning. I assume she is a straggler making her way south.” (11/01/2020)

Mary in Alamogordo, NM: “I still have my Anna’s Hummingbird. It arrived on 10/19/20… I see it a lot some days when I am working in the yard but it is pretty skittish… It’s been great having it frequent my yard. ” (11/04/2020)

Two Weeks Left!

Hummingbird News Updates will conclude on November 24. However, monitoring hummingbird activities wherever you are during the months of December, January and February will continue. Keep watching and reporting!