Fall Migration Starts this Month

August 5, 2022 by Team Journey North

Time to think fall migration.

“For the past week straight, one male guards his feeder. When he is not feeding, he is sitting on the swing…There is also a few cardinal flowers nearby, and a Coral Honeysuckle vine nearby. The female has more luck getting to the vine than she does to the feeder.” Photo: Samantha in Hopewell Township, NJ (08/04/2022)

Fall Migration Begins Soon

Fewer hours of daylight trigger hormonal changes in hummingbirds that cause an urge to fuel up and fly south. Most hummingbirds that breed in the U.S. and Canada winter in Mexico and Central America. Recent studies also indicate that a dozen different species spend winter in the U.S. along the Gulf Coast and into Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas. Many questions remain. Help scientists, researchers and land managers answer pressing questions by continue to submit your hummingbird observations this fall.

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