Hummingbird Observations in Winter

January 5, 2021 by Team Journey North

Keep reporting and photographing your hummingbird observations.

Confirmed! A Rare Sighting of an Allen’s Hummingbird in New Glarus, Wisconsin (Photo by: Leon; 12/18/2020)

Happy New Year 

As one of our Journey North citizen scientists, Beverly L from Houston, TX exclaimed, “Happy New Year y’all.”  The new year rang in a few joyful observations of hummingbirds.

Houston, TX: Beverly L saw, “A sub adult male Rufous got 2 days of sunshine and nectaring on ‘Rokin deep purple’ salvia before 2021. It rains continuously a day at a time every week coming off gulf. Much more brown/orange seen in flight. He has taken to Holly tree in a.m doing up and down, in and out routine. I will never know if same one from last year at this time. Probably is as his new adult colors are coming in, and same routine is noticed like in holly tree as last years. When Rufous come in I think it takes about 3 mos for them to get their plump weight overwintering here. This one has been here since Oct 3rd.” (01/01/2021)

Mobile, AL: Elisha spotted a adult male and a female Rufous Hummingbird on the same day. (01/01/2021) 

Lake Wales, FL: Laura reported seeing, “A female/immature Ruby around 9 am at the feeder. Have seen it continually, it never migrated.” (01/01/2021)

Newport, NC: Alice reported, “Observed 2 females/juveniles at our feeders today, feeding in the morning mid day and near dusk.” (01/01/2021)

A Surprise December Sighting

There was much excitement among birders in Wisconsin when an Allen’s Hummingbird was sighted and captured in this featured image.

New Glarus, WI: Leon reported a surprising sighting: “It has been confirmed that this is an Allen’s hummingbird.” (12/18/2020) 

Stay Tuned For Spring Migration Updates To Begin Late February/Early March

In the meantime…Keep entering your sightings and your photos. Check out the sightings map for all hummingbirds. Brush up on your hummingbird identification skills. Explore the information on hummingbird migration and annual cycles