Migration Winding Down

June 1, 2021 by Team Journey North

Hummingbirds have reached breeding territories throughout North America. Keep reporting to Journey North – be on the lookout for nests, eggs, territorial behavior, and nectaring activity.

“It’s been a cold, slow start to the season. I am seeing two males and one female on a regular basis. Got to the garden center to get the purple salvia and he’s found it! Game on!” Photo by: Marjorie (Lowell, MI; 05/26/2021)

Spring Migration Winding Down

From Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario to the Maritime provinces, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have reached their northern limits. There were only a handful of “first” reports submitted by Journey North volunteers this past week.

Brenda in Winnipeg, MB: “First sighted Ruby-throated at two urban feeders at 1pm. Cool, sunny temps at 4c.” (05/26/2021)

Similarly, only a few “first” reports of Rufous Hummingbirds came in, indicating that these hummingbirds have also reached their breeding territories.  

Kat in Pitt Meadows, BC: “[Rufous Hummingbird] at backyard feeder.” (05/30/2021)

Summer Fun Begins

With spring migration winding down it is time to tend pollinator gardens and replenish hummingbird feeders when needed. Please remember our message of NO RED DYE. The last thing we want to do is to harm hummingbirds. Do not use red-dye solution or add red food coloring in your hummingbird feeders. 

Report Other Observations

Be on the lookout for breeding activity. If you observe nests, eggs, and/or territorial behavior, please report your observations under Hummingbird, Other Observations.

Susan in Cohasset, MN: “Many male Ruby-throated Hummingbirds displaying territorial and mating flights.” (05/25/2021)

SP in Lebanon, NJ: “Saw a female [Ruby-throated Hummingbird] carrying some thistle down in her beak. She carried it into the magnolia tree next to the feeders. Then spent a long time at the feeders.” (05/30/2021)

If you observe hummingbirds nectaring from plants, please report these observations under Hummingbird, Nectaring from Flowers. If you know plant names, submit this information in the comment section. 

Tammy in New Richmond, OH: “[Ruby-throated Hummingbird] seen checking out my lamb’s ear.” (05/27/2021)

John in Bloomington, NY: “We have been watching the [Ruby-throated] hummingbirds flying around the flowers for several days. May 28th we saw a hummingbird stop to nectar in the salvia and later in the irises.” (05/28/2021)