Summer Hummingbird Observations

July 2, 2021 by Team Journey North

Summer is here. Keep reporting observations of hummingbirds throughout the season. Be on the lookout for nectaring and breeding activity.

Photo by: Amy in Newburgh, IN

Summer Hummingbird Observations

What to Report:

  • Hummingbird, Nectaring from Flowers — Please submit photos when possible. In your comments, list the hummingbird and plant species observed if known.
  • Hummingbird (OTHER Observations) — Observations in this reporting category include defending territories, nest building, and raising young. Please submit photos when possible. In your comments, list behavior and hummingbird species observed.
  • Hummingbird, Other Species Sighted — Species tracked include Ruby-throated, Rufous, Broad-tailed, Black-chinned, Allen’s, Costa’s, Calliope, and Anna’s HummingbirdsIn your comments, list behavior observed.

Fall News Updates

Fall news updates begin in August. Stay tuned!

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