May Momentum

May 3, 2022 by Team Journey North

From California to Quebec, hummingbird migration is now widespread throughout North America. Report your hummingbird observations to Journey North. Species tracked include Ruby-throated, Rufous, Allen's, Anna's, Black-chinned, Broad-tailed, Calliope, and Costa’s.

Male Calliope Hummingbird (Photo: Henry in Midway, BC; 04/26/2022)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

May is bringing a surge of Ruby-throated Hummingbird reports. From the Upper Midwest to Quebec, Journey North volunteers are celebrating the return of Ruby-throats. Many of the first arrivals are males as they stake claim to breeding territories. How does the pace of migration this year compare to previous years? Explore our Ruby-throated Hummingbird, First Sighted map and see if you notice any trends.

Darlene in Leamington, ON: “1 male & 1 female- both seen around 6pm at hummer feeder that I put out a few days ago. They are about 6 days earlier than last year. Sunny but cool day of 8°c.” (04/26/2022)

Pat in Bowdoin, ME: “First male hummingbird. Seems to be a week early.” (04/28/2022)

Cheryl in Wakefield, QC: “A very quick flash of this little guy, looked like he was on a mission, maybe going more north???” (04/28/2022)

Patty in Cabot, PA: “1st Ruby-throated of 2022 - Male spotted at feeder on 04/30/2022 around 8:03 a.m.” 

Stacy in Crivitz, WI: “Saw the first male ruby-throated hummingbird at 12:50pm today. He stopped at the feeder for a sip. Just put it out a half hour earlier! Glad their back, hope the weather warms up more and stays warm. Spring is taking its sweet time getting here this year.” (05/02/2022)

Rufous Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbirds are well adapted to cold temperatures. This allows them to migrate into areas where nighttime temperatures in spring may drop below freezing,

Henry in Midway, BC: “Two males so far.” (05/01/2022)

In Southcentral Alaska near the northern limit of Rufous Hummingbirds’ breeding range, Journey North volunteers are preparing for visitors.

Howard in Portage, AK: “The feeders were hung by the staff with great care, in hopes that St. Rufous soon would be there.” (04/26/2022)

Other Species

Black-chinned Hummingbirds are moving through Utah and Colorado. Once they find a suitable territory, this species quickly turns their attention to nesting season.

Judith in Delta, CO: “A male and a female came to the feeder as the sun was setting, not the first I have seen but the first time with a camera at hand. The first seen was just a few days ago. They appear to be Black-chinned.” (04/29/2022)

Andrea in American Fork, UT: First male Black-chinned hummingbird! He hummed right past me and inspected the feeders until he found the one he liked the best. I hope he’ll stick around!” (04/30/2022)

Calliope Hummingbirds are being spotted in the Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia.

Sheryl in North Bend, WA: “1 male Calliope at feeder.” (04/30/2022)

Janet in Fernie, BC: “Male Calliope at feeder 5:20pm.” (05/02/2022)

Nectar Consumption

Want to learn more about hummingbirds? Journey North has many resources for anyone with a curious mind. This week we feature information on Food Consumed at Our Hummingbird Feeder

Keep track of nectar consumption at your feeders. You might be surprised to learn not only how much hummingbirds consume, but also how their life cycle is related to eating patterns throughout the season. Reminder: do not use red-dye solution or add red food coloring in your hummingbird feeders.