Countdown to Mystery Class 2019
Explore these topics as you prepare for Mystery Class to begin in January 2019*

* Please note: Due to budget limitations, our spring 2019 Mystery Class challenge will be a replay of a previous year's challenge. We will reveal the locations of the 10 Mystery sites on April 12th but will not be able to hold a year-end contest.



Track the Seasons to Solve a Mystery Track the Seasons to Solve a Mystery
GMT time



Begin to track changes in daylength as the Earth revolves around the Sun.


Night and Day

Autumn is here and days are getting shorter. This month, explore what causes day and night.


Daylight & Seasons

Days are getting shorter in the Northern Hemisphere as winter approaches. Begin to explore the question: What causes seasons?



Local & Universal Time

During Mystery Class, students receive time clues from secret locations around the world. This month, explore local and Universal Time.




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