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These questions were asked during the Spring 2008 migration season.

Challenge Question #1
How many monarchs in Mexico?
Question asked February 7, 2008
Photo Dr. Lincoln Brower, Sweet Briar College  

Challenge Question #2
How much does a branch full of butterflies weigh?

Question asked February 14, 2008
Photo Dr. Lincoln Brower, Sweet Briar College

Challenge Question #3
In how many ways do people use wood from the forest?

Question asked February 21, 2008
Video: Journey North

Challenge Question #4
How many pesos to visit the monarch sanctuary?
Question asked February 28, 2008

Challenge Question #5
What are the two important ways that eating milkweed in the summer (before fall migration) help a monarch survive the winter in Mexico?
Question asked March 6, 2008

Challenge Question #6
Name two reasons monarchs need to leave Mexico quickly in the spring. Name two reasons that should not come north too quickly.
Question asked March 13, 2008

Challenge Question #7
The monarchs have arrived in Texas. Where will they go next?
Question asked March 20, 2008

Challenge Question #8
Monarchs still alive today are survivors. How many risks have they faced?
Question asked March 27, 2008

Challenge Question #9
Do you think these observers saw monarchs?

Question asked April 10, 2008

Challenge Question #10
Which states do you think are the most important for producing the next generation of monarchs?
Question asked April 17, 2008

Challenge Question #11
From where do you think the monarch that was spotted in South Dakota came?
Question asked April 24, 2008

Challenge Question #12
What if monarchs get ahead of milkweed in the spring?
Question asked may 1, 2008