Monarch Butterfly News: October 3, 2013
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The migration made a clear push southward this week. Estela Romero says people in Mexico are eager for the monarchs' arrival. Image of the Week
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News: On to Oklahoma
The leading edge of peak migration moved into Kansas and Oklahoma this week.

"There were literally hundreds of monarchs all over the flowers at the Myriad Garden in Oklahoma City," per OKbirds Listserve.
September 25, 2013

Dr. Chip Taylor provided perspective from Monarch Watch headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas:

"September 25th is the first day this year we have seen a 'flow' of monarchs through the area. Such flows have been seen as early as the 10th of September as the leading edge of the migration arrives in this area. However, 'first flows' are more commonly observed on the 15th-16th of September." September 25, 2013

"The movement today is similar to what we witnessed on September 25th. The numbers aren't great but monarchs are still moving through. That's good news but, for these butterflies to make it to Mexico, the conditions have to be favorable for the next month as they move further south in the US and then through and along the mountains in Mexico. Given the relatively recent rains here and there in Texas and in northeastern Mexico, the conditions for the rest of the migration are looking good. ...Let's hope these late migrants reach the overwintering sites in good condition. Overall the monarch numbers in this migration are far below normal and they are late." September 29, 2013

Cold is Coming!
It's October. The butterflies must vacate the north before they're trapped by the cold. A monarch was sighted this week in Jericho Center, Vermont—2,500 miles from Mexico.

"The butterfly touched down on the grass during the girls' field hockey game."

Hurry! With each advancing day, there will be less time to fly.

Monarch Butterflies in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Oasis

Roost video
Roost Video
Monarch Butterfly Population Graph
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Spotlight: How High Do Monarchs Fly?
Several observers saw high-flying monarchs this week:

"My husband saw four monarchs float by his 3rd story office window!"

"We saw several in the yard today, and more at about 500 to 700 feet in altitude when looking with binoculars."

Explore questions about the height of flight:

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