Monarch Migration Update: March 7, 2013
Please Report
Your Sightings!
Report Your Sightings
Scientific experts and world leaders have just returned from trips to see the butterflies. Migration starts soon!

This Week's Update Includes:


Image of the Week
Streaming Monarchs at Overwintering Region in MexicoA River of Monarchs
Photo: Robert P. Morris
News: Experts and World Leaders Visit
Dr. Brower Guides President
Monarch expert Dr. Lincoln Brower had the honor and pleasure to serve as scientific guide for President Carter on a recent trip to Mexico's Piedra Herrada monarch sanctuary:

"The Monarch butterfly unites the three countries of North America in peace," President Carter said. "It is an ambassador of peace which requires protected areas and ecosystems that are preserved through sustainable agricultural and forestry practices. Let us continue to work together to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem for all North America."

Low Population Predicted
Dr. Brower predicts the lowest population ever recorded, and spells out the conservation challenges in his trip report. Mexican scientists are expected to release the official count any time, probably at the end of the tourist season.

Tagging Success!
We returned home with FOUR Southwest Monarch Study tags, Gail Morris of Southwest Monarch Study reports.

"I hope everyone can see how we in Arizona (and likely other Western states) also have a vested interest in understanding and protecting habitat in Mexico."

Snow in March!
The monarch's high elevation habitat is cool, but last Friday's snowstorm was an unusual March occurrence. Migration should begin soon Estela reports this week.

"Each day I am looking skyward hoping to witness monarchs flying overhead as they set off on their spring migration!"

Dr. Lincoln Brower and President Jimmy Carter
Two Leaders
Photo: Dr. Lincoln Brower
Monarch Population Estimate: Overwintering Population in Mexico
Record Low Predicted
Streaming Monarchs at Overwintering Region in Mexico
Tagging Success!
Photo: Robert P. Morris
Monarch butterfly sanctuary tour.
Snow in March
Photo: Estela Romero
Slideshow: Spring Migration, A Race Against Time
Why does spring migration begin in March and what triggers the monarchs' departure? Explore the time-sensitive connections between monarchs and the seasons as you begin your spring migration study.

Essential Question
Why is the monarch's spring migration a race against time?


Get Ready: Spring Migration About to Begin!
The first monarchs should appear in Texas any day:
  • Use this letter to invite family and friends to help track spring migration.
  • Please report your monarch sightings.


All Eyes on Texas!
"The leading edge of the migration typically crosses the Rio Grande around March 15th," says Texas insect-expert, Mike Quinn.

Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2013

Invitation Letter

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