Monarch Migration Update: May 16, 2013
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Monarchs move northward in the east, while the slow migration season continues mid-continent.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week
Google Earth Tour
Google Earth Tour
News: Few and Far Between
With monarch numbers low, few sightings were reported again this week. The migration map shows scattered sightings in the north, including a surprise first sighting from Canada.

A Perfect Wind
Strong south winds were blowing out of Texas this week. "Doesn't get better than this for moving 'em north," said Dr. Chip Taylor. We'd expect to receive a dozen new sightings a day with conditions like these. Is the new generation slow to develop or are there too few butterflies for our observers to detect?

Invisible Visitors
Again this week, people report seeing monarch eggs but not the butterfly who laid them.

"Discovered a very small number of eggs on mature Common Milkweed (A. syriaca). Never saw a monarch but I guess one stopped by."
Neptune, NJ (May 11, 2013)

Male in Milkweed
Male monarchs don't lay eggs, so why is milkweed habitat such a good place to find a male?

Wind map: The Perfect Wind
A Perfect Wind
Monarch Butterfly eggs in New Jersey
Male in Milkweed
Image: Carol McDonnell
Spotlight: Citizen Scientists in Action
Citizen scientists across the continent are contributing knowledge and advancing monarch conservation. This week's example is the annual spring "Monarch Rescue" at Mississippi's Clinton Nature Center:


Monarch Rescue at Choctaw Trails Mississippi
Rescuing Monarchs
Image: Bill Stark
The Migration: Maps and Journal
  • Please report your monarch and milkweed sightings.
Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2013 Journal Page

(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
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