Monarch Migration Update: June 6, 2013
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Tracking continues as the migration advances into the Canadian Provinces and northeastern U.S.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week
Monarch Larva Monitoring Project
Out of the Chrysalis
Video: Elizabeth Howard
News: Riding the South Wind
Strong south winds set the stage for the strongest migration of the season. On the last two days of May:

  • Forty-five sightings were reported, over 10% of this season's total.
  • The leading edge of the migration advanced 120 miles northward, from latitude 42.7˚N to 44.7˚N.

During the past week:

  • Monarchs entered three new states and provinces: Maine, Connecticut and Manitoba.
  • The northernmost monarch was reported on Tuesday at latitude 50˚N in Manitoba!

Sightings Still Low
Even though sightings soared at the end of May, only 400 monarchs have been reported this year compared to about 800 sightings in past years at this time.

"Will this be a lean year for monarchs followed by another low overwintering population?" asks Dr. Chip Taylor of Monarch Watch. "Monarchs are off to a slow start with the number moving north in May, as indicated by first sightings reported to Journey North, an all time low. The first sightings reported to Journey North have been particularly useful in helping us understand the dynamics of the spring migration."

Monarch butterfly eggs

A Dozen Eggs
Image: Pamela Campbell

Monarch butterfly migration sightings: chart

Sightings Soared

Dr. Chip Taylor
Dr. Taylor's Article
Image: Monarch Watch
Slideshow: Out of the Chrysalis
With its wings and legs tightly bound, how does a monarch butterfly emerge from the chrysalis?

How does a monarch butterfly get out of a chrysalis?

The Migration: Maps and Journal
  • Please report your monarch and milkweed sightings.
Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2013 Journal Page

(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
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