Monarch Butterfly News: March 6, 2014
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There's a flurry of activity as thirsty monarchs break out of their clusters in search of water. The journey north is about to begin! Image of the Week
Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary | Aerial View
Monarchs in Motion

Gail Morris
News: Departure Imminent
Clear, dry weather in early March sets the monarchs in motion. The intense tropical sun and associated warmth stimulates the butterflies to move out of their colonies in search of water.

Colony break-up occurs as the butterflies descend the mountains along drainages and arroyos to find open sources of water to drink. They leave the colony and increasingly don't come all the way back.

Conversation with Dr. Lincoln Brower
Dr. Brower is a world-renowned monarch scientist who has studied overwintering biology in Mexico since the 1970s. He shares his observations and concerns after his trip to see the colonies in late February.

Migrants Coming Soon
Gail Morris of Southwest Monarch Study, who traveled with Dr. Brower's team, noted:

"The monarchs will slowly begin to leave the sanctuaries and should be arriving in the southern states soon. We spotted monarchs all around the towns near the sanctuaries."

Her three video clips capture the wonder of monarchs.

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary | Aerial View
Peak Dry Season

Monarch Butterflies
Streaming to Water
Gail Morris

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El Rosario Sanctuary

El Rosario Sanctuary
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Letter from Estela: Collecting Monarch Tags
This week, Estela accompanied Monarch Watch volunteers to recover monarch tags at the sanctuaries.

Letter from Estela

Monarch Conservation: How You Can Help
How you can help monarch butterflies
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