Monarch Butterfly News: March 20, 2014
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Report Your Sightings
The monarchs are on their way! Observers along the migration trail are waiting to report first arrivals.


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Monarch Butterflies
Here They Come!
News: Here They Come!
Estela witnessed a dramatic departure on March 13th:

"The massive leaving is occurring right now! Monarchs are clouding our town, flying by the towers of our downtown churches in a majestic performance as if dancing to music!"

A Critical Time
A mating frenzy was underway this week, according to Estela. The monarchs are in reproductive condition now, so the biological clock is ticking. With energy directed toward reproduction, they'll race northward to produce the next generation. Most of these monarchs will reach the end of their lives by early May.

Critical Habitat
The size of the first spring generation will largely be determined by the quality of breeding habitat in Texas, and neighboring states to a lesser extent. Reproduction is concentrated in this region in early spring because the vegetation is most advanced and temperatures are favorable. The next 6 weeks will be critical.

Monarch Butterflies Mating March 18, 2014
A Mating Frenzy
Estela Romero
Critical Habitat
Critical Habitat
Gregg Lee
Estela's Letter: Witnessing the Departure
Estela says the monarchs' departure this week was a spectacle to behold.
Letter from Estela
Spotlight: Answers from the Expert
Dr. Karen Oberhauser is here with answers:

"Thanks for your great questions! There is clearly a lot of concern about the monarch population this year, and I thank you so much for this concern."

Answers from the Expert
Monarch Conservation
How you can help monarch butterflies
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