Monarch Butterfly News: May 22, 2014
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Sightings doubled this week as monarchs sailed into the Upper Midwest. Dr. Chip Taylor is watching for prospects of recovery.

Image of the Week
Female monarch butterfly in New York City
City Monarch
David Jakim
News: Migration Moves into Upper Midwest
"We may be seeing the first wave," predicted Laura Walter of Iowa's Waverly-Shell Rock High School. Indeed, a sudden explosion of sightings occurred this week as the migration spread across Iowa — and into Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio.

Prospects for Recovery
Dr. Chip Taylor is assessing the chances for this year's population to rebound.

"The progression of monarchs northward has been slower than normal due to the cold weather. Monarchs need to arrive north of 40°N in good numbers before the end of May for the population to have any chance of rebounding. If the arrivals are few — or mostly delayed — until the first 10 days of June, the chances that the population will increase this year will be greatly diminished. I'll be watching JN very closely for the next 22 days." May 19, 2014

Citizen Scientists Needed
Help assess the status of the monarch recovery by counting monarchs this summer.

Monarch Butterfly in Waverly, Iowa
Midwest Monarch
Paul Mugan

Monarch Butterfly Migration Maps
Monarch Butterfly Finding Milkweed
Finding Milkweed
Spotlight: How Do Monarchs Find Milkweed?
Explore the combination of visual and chemical cues monarchs need to detect milkweed.

How Do Monarchs Find Milkweed?
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Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2014
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Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map
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