Monarch Migration News: March 26, 2015
By Elizabeth Howard
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Here come the monarchs! Estela witnessed a mass departure on Tuesday, with north-bound butterflies filling the sky over Angangueo. These monarchs are carrying the seeds of the next generation.

Monarch Butterflies at Sanctuary in Mexico
Elizabeth Howard

News: Migration Begins!
At last! The news we've all been waiting for came from Estela on March 24th:

"Hundreds of monarchs are flying over Angangueo —right now—with a clear direction northward! I am quite sure this is the mass leaving. It's a wonderful sunny day, and a gentle north wind is assisting the monarchs as they begin their long journey."

The Next 6 Weeks
It's a critical time as the monarchs race northward to produce the next generation. Now in reproductive condition, the biological clock is ticking. Most of these monarchs will reach the end of their lives by the end of April.

Critical Habitat
The size of the first spring generation will largely be determined by the quality of breeding habitat in Texas, and neighboring states to a lesser extent. Reproduction is concentrated in this region in early spring because the vegetation is most advanced and temperatures are favorable.

Watching and Waiting
Anticipation is building as observers along the migration trail wait for first arrivals. With the 1st mass movement of monarchs so late, this return is the latest migration we've recorded.

Citizen scientists make it possible to document critical stages in the monarch's annual cycle across the continent on a real-time basis. Thank you for contributing!

Monarch Butterfly Migration and Wind
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Critical Habitat
Critical Habitat
Mary Kennedy
Critical Habitat
Annual Cycle
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