Monarch Migration News: June 11, 2015
By Elizabeth Howard
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Spring migration is almost complete. The population has now expanded from 3 acres of winter habitat in Mexico into 1 billion acres of breeding habitat in the US and Canada. How many generations will they produce where you live?

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar on Milkweed
Andrea Hedblom

News: Monarchs Move into Manitoba
With a tailwind from the south, monarchs moved across northern Minnesota and into Manitoba last Saturday. The northernmost butterflies have now arrived in the Winnipeg area at latitude 50°N.

"My daughter and I spotted our first monarch of the season in a field outside the school. It was brightly coloured, and definitely had the flight pattern of a monarch." East St. Paul, Manitoba 6/10/15

Nearing Northern Limit
For 3 months the monarchs have been traveling northward in pursuit of milkweed. They're reaching milkweed's northern limit in the central flyway now. In the east, they'll travel another 500 miles as far as Canada's Maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This map shows how far north milkweed grows — and the northern extent of monarch migration.

Local Generations
How many generations will monarchs produce this summer where you live? Use this calendar to predict the timing. Watch for butterfly numbers to build each time a new generation emerges. The population will be at its peak when fall migration begins in August.

Monarch Butterfly Annual Cycle in your region
Nearing Northern Limit
Xerces Society
Monarch Butterfly Calender Wheel for Generations
Generation Calendar
Spotlight: Amazing Adaptations — Larva Legs
Monarch caterpillars seem to defy gravity. They can crawl on paper-thin leaves and eat while hanging upside down. Close-up images of monarch larva's legs reveal adaptations for survival on a milkweed plant. Monarch Caterpillars: Can Milkweed Grow Fast Enough?
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Brochure to Promote Citizen Science
A beautiful new handout from Wild Ones summarizes monarch-related citizen science projects. Download, print, and promote to people in your network.

How you can help Monarch Butterflies at Sanctuary in Mexico
Maps: Report Your Sightings
Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2015
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Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map
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