Monarch Migration News: February 4, 2016
By Elizabeth Howard

Estela Romero visits El Rosario Sanctuary where local guides share hopeful news.

Monarch Butterflies
A warm and sunny day stimulated monarchs into flight on Sunday, January 31st.

News: Hello from Michoacán, Mexico
As we wait for spring migration to begin in March, our local reporter, Estela Romero, sends news from the sanctuary region.

"Like everyone, we are waiting eagerly to know how many monarchs are here this winter.  With this in mind, I went up to El Rosario Sanctuary to ask the guides for their impressions. I was encouraged by what they said:

"'We really have the feeling that this year the population has increased. We are getting anxious to know the official numbers. Meanwhile we make an open invitation to all people around to come and visit us. The spectacle is just unbelievable!'" More...

Making a Difference
Estela is almost done visiting schools surrounding the sanctuaries. She's delivering symbolic monarchs to 2,000 students.

"For these children and teachers, everything about the monarch life cycle is new. It is like a fairy story, I tell them. You cannot believe how paralyzed they keep for perhaps half an hour while I describe the process. Then the golden moment, receiving their letters and gifts from children in the U.S. and Mexico! They couldn’t believe that these letters flew that long way, first by plane, then by car from México City, and finally, into their hands!  

"Up to now — around 40 years since the monarchs sanctuaries were discovered — no book children study at school contains information about this world-famous migration to our region."

Monarch Butterflies
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Monarch Butterflies
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Monarch Butterflies
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What makes the monarch's overwintering habitat in Mexico ideal for survival?

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