Monarch Migration News: March 24, 2016
By Elizabeth Howard

The monarchs are on their way. Get ready to track spring migration.

Monarch Butterflies at Sanctuary in Mexico

A possible migrant in San Antonio, Texas on March 18, 2016.
Spring Migration 2016 is Underway
Sightings of northbound butterflies during the past 10 days confirm departure from the overwintering region. Immediately after the storm, monarchs were on the move. Our first two reports came on March 14th.

"We're seeing migrators everywhere, all over the valley village where we live, as well as the busy streets of nearby Zitacuaro," wrote Ellen Sharp.

"I live in Zinapecuaro, Michoacán, two hours from the overwintering sanctuaries. I spotted my first monarch in my yard at 1 pm and two more at 2 pm. They are definitely moving north."

Entering Texas
A worn and faded monarch reported on Tuesday signals that the migrants from Mexico are entering Texas. Presumably many had already arrived but it has been difficult to tell because monarchs were reported all winter as far north as Austin, at latitude 30°N. Watch for a clear wave of advance during the next week. The leading edge of the migration typically reaches northern Texas by the end of March.

Spring Monarch Butterfly Migration: Report Your Sightings
Worn and Faded Monarch Butterfly in Texas
Worn and Faded
Update on Storm in Mexico

Likely Storm Mortality in Mexico by Dr. Lincoln Brower
A 50% loss is predicted based on newly obtained temperature records.

A Sad Day in El Rosario by Estela Romero
Estela's first visit into the sanctuary after the storm.

Report Your Sightings
Monarch butterfly migration map Map of milkweed emergence: Spring 2016 Monarch butterfly migration map
First Adult
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Monarch butterfly migration map Monarch butterfly migration map

After first sightings, continue to report all monarchs — adults, eggs, and larvae.

Monarch butterfly migration map

First Egg
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First Larvae
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