Overwintering Begins

November 9, 2017 by Elizabeth Howard

As monarchs arrive and settle into their winter sanctuaries, local people celebrate the return of their ancestors for the Day of the Dead.

Monarchs arriving at Cerro Pelon Sanctuary by Pato Moreno.

Monarchs Arriving, Colonies Forming

How do newly-arrived butterflies settle into their winter sanctuaries? Meet Pato Moreno, whose job includes monitoring monarchs as they select their roost sites. He works at one of the main overwintering reserves, Cerro Pelon. For 5 days, Pato searched the mountain for the colony. Finally, “There it was!” More…

Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos

Estela shares a personal view as Angangueo welcomes monarchs and Day of the Dead festivities.

“All day, Monarchs overflew our bright-blue sky….At night in town, streets crowded with enthusiasm. All rendered fest to our Great Day, and the sense of Death as part of being alive and — because of this latter — a reason to make a big celebration!” More… 

Fall Migration 2017 Continues!

It may be November, but monarchs are still being reported. We are documenting the latest migration on record. Observers recently saw monarchs all along the Atlantic Coast, from Nova Scotia to Florida. Record sightings included 25 monarchs in a garden in New York City on November 5th - and a spectacularly late, large roost of 1,100 monarchs on Lake Erie on October 29th!

“Will the snow we get tonight be the end of the monarch season?” wrote Don Davis from Toronto on November 8th.