They're Here!

November 7, 2018 by Elizabeth Howard

"The massive arrival is occurring right now! We saw the first yesterday – and today they are pouring in!" reports Estela Romero from the finish line.

Arriving en mass at winter sanctuaries in Mexico. November 7, 2018

Arriving En Masse

Cold, clouds and rain slowed the monarchs’ arrival all last week. But when the clouds finally cleared on November 6th the first lonely monarch was spotted! The following day, the monarchs arrived en masse:

“Dear Friends! Let us allow ourselves to now declare the massive arrival taking place on November 7th at 13:30 hours to our Sanctuaries and to town!!!

“Shall our three nations, Canada, United States and México, hold each other’s hands and bend our heads to them in signal of respect to His Majesty, the Monarch Butterfly.” More…

Arriving at Cerro Pelon

Also on November 6th - within 2 hours of Estela’s first sighting - came word from Ellen Sharp that monarchs were arriving at Cerro Pelon Sanctuary, too.

“At 3:53 pm we saw one monarch. At 3:54 a second. 4:01, the third. Now the skies are looking good and winds are blowing in from the north. Tomorrow should be a big day.” More…

Thank you!

Our fall migration season is coming to an end. It’s time to thank you, the citizen scientists who make tracking migration possible.  Your photos and comments have told the story as the monarchs traveled across the continent to their winter home. Thank you for contributing!

  • Migration continues: Please continue to report all monarchs you see.
  • Join us in February: Watch for news in February as we prepare for spring migration 2019.