Nectaring, Roosting & Peak Migration Events

September 14, 2022 by Team Journey North

Monarch migration is well underway. Catch up on the news for both Eastern and Western monarch populations.

“My first time at goose lake and at least 1,500 monarchs in the trees and air. No wind and 82 degrees and a beautiful sunset.” Photo: Frank (Channahon, IL; 09/10/2022)

Eastern Monarch Population

For the Eastern population of monarchs, fall roosts are being reported around 38°- 40° N in the Midwest. Roosts are most frequently reported along the Great Lakes. Peak migration events are occurring in similar locations along the Great Lakes. Other peak migration hot spots are along the mid-Atlantic coastal region. Texas residents are seeing more monarchs. Mating and egg laying is still happening in some locations. Nectaring is dispersed.

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Western Monarch Population

Gail Morris is back to help us untangle what is happening with the Western monarch population. She notes that high temperatures are concerning. Gail highlights a few sightings but more observational reports are needed. Where are monarchs now? Gail encourages everyone to report their monarch observations to Journey North. 

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