Seeing Monarch Butterflies or Milkweed?

February 1, 2019 by Nancy Sheehan

Weekly news updates start February 14, 2019. Meanwhile, explore what happens month-by-month while the monarchs are in Mexico and as monarchs appear in other overwintering sites.

Monarch nectaring on a camellia plant. Photo By: Donald, Gulf Shores, TX

Monarchs Sighted During Winter Months

All along the southern half of the United States, Journey North volunteers are entering sightings and submitting photographs of monarch butterflies. One volunteer also found milkweed starting to sprout in her Houston,Texas backyard.

Be Ready to Track Monarch Migration

Check out the Journey North sightings maps

Continue to Enter Your Sightings

Please help document where monarch butterflies and milkweed are present. Even during February, don’t forget to enter your sightings!