Journeying in June

June 1, 2022 by Team Journey North

June is here and monarchs are still on the move. Southern Ontario and New England are hotspots of activity. And Western monarchs are arriving in new states as a potential heatwave looms. Keep reporting your observations!

Photo: Jennifer in Algonquin Highlands, ON (05/29/2022)

Eastern Monarch Population

Eastern Monarch Spring 2022 Report #10

From North Dakota to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the leading edge of migration is hovering between latitude 45–48°N. Southern Ontario and New England are hotspots of activity. No reports yet from Manitoba. At this same time last year, there were several reports as far north as Winnipeg. Female monarchs are laying eggs of the 2nd generation now. And Monarch larvae are being observed as far north as latitude 44°N in South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ontario.

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Western Monarch Population

Letter from Gail Morris: Western Monarch Spring 2022 Report #10

In the Western U.S., monarchs are venturing into new states as they return to summer breeding grounds. Gail writes, “Monarchs are stretching into Oregon while new monarch reports are still appearing in Nevada, Arizona, California and Utah. Southern California has a surge in sightings as monarchs along the coast continue to breed locally. Meanwhile milkweed is up in Idaho and just in time too as monarchs are beginning to arrive.”

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Plant Pollinator Gardens 

Monarchs need milkweed and nectar-rich flowers. Do some research to find species that grow well in your region. Pay attention to flowering dates so you can provide milkweed and nectar for monarchs throughout the rest of spring migration and the upcoming summer breeding and fall migration seasons.