Monarch Migration Carries On

May 17, 2023 by Team Journey North

Monarchs are now moving through the Upper Midwest, southern Ontario, and New England. Migratory activity will remain high over the coming weeks. Keep reporting to Journey North.

Photo: Paul in Point Pelee National Park, ON

Eastern Monarch Population

Eastern Monarch Spring 2023 Report #6

The leading edge of monarch migration is now hovering between latitude 43-47°N. The Upper Midwest remains a hotspot of activity, with many reports of first sighted adult monarchs coming from Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Reports are beginning to come in from Southern Canada as well. Along the East Coast, migration is still moving slower in terms of both northern progress and number of reports. In New England, monarchs are just beginning to trickle into Massachusetts. How far north will monarchs be next week?

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Western Monarch Population

Out west, reporting has slowed again, but a lull at this time of year is not entirely surprising. We are making another call for observational reports to be submitted in the days and weeks ahead; your reports are critical to our understanding of the migration. Please report your sightings of milkweed and monarchs in any life stage!

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Thank You for Reporting!

Please keep reporting your observations of monarchs, monarch eggs, monarch larvae, and milkweed. If possible, include a photo with each observation submitted as photos help verify reports, and we enjoy sharing them with our Journey North community.