Eastern Monarch Spring 2022 Report #2


Published: 03/30/2022

Migrating Monarchs

Progress has slowed since last week’s update. This is no surprise as migration can be a stop-and-go journey with wind and weather in control. On the northern edge, there were a few more reports in Oklahoma and Arkansas. On the eastern edge, monarchs are making their way up the South Carolina coast. And many monarchs are funneling through Texas.

Kathi in Matagorda, TX: “First sightings on Matagorda Dunes occurred last week 3/15/22 soon followed by gale force winds. Today marked the largest number in the area and we were thrilled to see these beautiful creatures return to roost in our Canary Island Date Palm just prior to sunset 🙌.” (03/23/2022)

Donna in Duncan, OK: “Was leaving Duncan. OK and a Monarch flew in front of me as I was driving headed North.” (03/25/2022)

Jim in Dallas, TX: “Male monarch with somewhat ragged wings [pictured], and a female monarch were nectaring on the newly-opened cherry laurel blossoms in my back yard.” (03/28/2022)

Suzanne in Okatie, SC: “First female monarch butterfly laying eggs on my butterfly weed (asclepias tuberosa) plants in my backyard.” (03/28/2022)

Milkweed, Eggs and Caterpillars

As spring moves forward, the next generation can complete the life cycle more quickly where temperatures are warm. And, of course, monarchs need not only warm temperatures but also milkweed. Keep your eye on where milkweed has emerged. Is milkweed growing fast enough to keep up with the pace of migration? Explore our Milkweed (First Sighted) map to find out.

Chuck in Driftwood, TX: “We walked the perimeter path to check for more milkweed today and found eggs on almost all visible plants. This egg was nestled into the bud of a young asperula plant. We saw some “loading” on a few plants since not many have emerged yet. On this initial walk we counted a total of about 16 eggs on 5 plants.” (03/24/2021)

Jeff in Bellaire, TX: “First larva seen, 3/8” long.” (03/25/2022)

Anita in Sand Springs, OK: “Common and Swamp milkweed popping up in the garden.” (03/29/2022)