Eastern Monarch Spring 2022 Report #3


Published: 04/06/2022

Migrating Monarchs

Reports are picking up in northeast Texas and Oklahoma. The leading edge of migration ( around latitude 36°N) is ever so slightly behind where it was at this same time last year. The northernmost report is from Bluff City, Kansas. Farther east, monarchs are making their way up through the Carolinas.

Erin in McKinney, TX: “My first sighting this year! Adult monarch butterfly seen on the redbud tree’s flowers in our backyard. Too far away for me to get a good picture with my phone.” (04/02/2022)

Cynthia in Talihina, OK: “Single female nectaring on wildflowers.” (04/02/2022)

Lisa in Charlotte, NC: “One female sighted. Laid many eggs on milkweed. Tallest milkweed is 5 inches. Most around 2 inches. Visited both Sat and Sun.” (04/02/2022)

Leah in Bluff City, KS: “It’s a beautiful day, almost no wind. This Beauty flew by the kitchen window!!!! I was able to get a photo while it was nectaring on some henbit!” (04/05/2022)

Milkweed Emergence

Milkweed emergence is behind last year’s pace. Perhaps this can be attributed to the winter-like start to spring that much of North America has been experiencing.

 Jean in Abilene, TX: “Zizotes milkweed finally appeared” (04/02/2022)

Eggs and Larvae

Less milkweed means less opportunities for monarchs to lay eggs. There have not been as many reports of monarch eggs than at this same time last year. If you are seeing monarch eggs, please report these observations to Journey North

Kim in Hernando, MS: “The milkweed is barely up, but she found it.” (04/03/2022)

Reports of Larvae are largely concentrated in Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast.

Susheela in Richmond, TX: “6 caterpillars found in my milkweed patch today.” (04/04/2022)