Eastern Monarch Spring 2022 Report #6


Published: 05/04/2022

Migrating Monarchs

From Nebraska to New York, the leading edge of monarch migration is hovering around latitude 40-41°N, a slight increase from last week. At this same time last year, monarchs were farther north. Ongoing cool spring temperatures could be affecting the pace of migration this year. Based on our Monarch Adult (FIRST sighted) map, any guesses on where monarchs will arrive next?

Benjamin in Lincoln, NE: “[Monarch] actively laying eggs on 2-3” tall stems of Asclepias syriaca.” (04/27/2022)

Marilynn in Toms River, NJ: “Wow, a mama monarch in New Jersey in April? Laying eggs no less.” (04/30/2022)

Kacey in O’Fallon, IL: “Female, dull orange but no tatters on her wings.” (05/01/2022)

Deborah in Wassaic, NY: “[Monarch spotted on] Deep Hollow Road, Millbrook, NY. (05/01/2022)


Is milkweed growth staying ahead of monarch migration? Yes, based on reports from Journey North observers. But will the plants grow fast enough to be ready for a surge of arriving monarchs? 

Jim in Dartmouth, NS: “Common Milkweed.” (04/27/2022)

Anne in Marinette, WI: “Saw 3-4 sprouts popping up on south side of my house.” (04/30/2022)

Eggs and Larvae

Female monarchs can lay eggs on newly emerged and surprisingly small milkweed sprouts.

Tri in Versailles, KY: “Monarch eggs on milkweed sprouts.” (04/28/2022)

As spring migration progress, reports of larvae will continue to increase.

Amy in Nashville, TN: “Monarch eggs hatched today and 2 tiny larvae spotted.” (04/27/2022)