Eastern Monarch Spring 2022 Report #9


Published: 05/25/2022

Migrating Monarchs

The leading edge of migration is still scattered between latitude 42-46°N. Activity remains high in the Upper Midwest and is picking up in Southern Ontario. Northern progress accelerated the most along the East Coast where monarchs are now venturing into New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. How far north will monarchs be next week? Explore our Monarch Adult (FIRST sighted) map and make a prediction.

Kathy in Hooksett, NH: "About 5pm… was fluttering around the top of a lilac bush which is right next to the milkweed patch. Circled the bush for a few seconds and then flew away heading north. I was too excited and surprised to get the camera!" (05/21/2022)

Janet in Kittery, ME: "1 adult observed nectaring on crabapple blossoms. This is the earliest I have observed monarchs in this location." (05/22/2022)

Brenda in Traverse City, MI: "Adult spotted nectaring on lilacs. Chilly day—mid 50’s—but sunny. Will start checking milkweed for eggs." (05/23/2022)

Carley in Peterborough, ON: "Female laid about 12 eggs approx." (05/23/2022)

Jessica in Hunts Point, NS: "First monarch adult of the season - a female who also visited my milkweed and laid eggs!" (05/24/2022)


The summer breeding range of monarchs is defined by the northern limit of milkweed. This map shows the northern extent of milkweed. Journey North volunteers are observing milkweed growing in these areas.

Alan in Kerns, ON: "30 plus Common Milkweed plants (so far) in known milkweed area. Dry gravelly ground." (05/17/2022)

Eggs and Larvae

Where there are adult monarchs and milkweed, eggs and larvae follow.

Jessica in Painesville, OH: "Finally found eggs today in Painesville, OH! Found 10 myself and my friend found 8!" (05/22/22)

Amanda in Hamden, CT: "5 total monarch eggs on butterfly weed and common milkweed, first notice." (05/22/2022)