By Barb Rosenstock, Illustrated by Erika Meza

By Barb Rosenstock, Illustrated by Erika Meza

Mystery of the Monarchs book cover


The Mystery of the Monarchs is a gorgeous picture book based on the true story of a scientist who solves the mysteries of monarch butterfly migration—with the help of schoolchildren!  This eye-catching picture book biography is for nature lovers of all ages, from Barb Rosenstock, the Caldecott Honor winning author of The Noisy Paint Box, and illustrator Erika Meza (Salsa Lullaby), who grew up in Mexico near Monarch butterfly conservation sites. 

‘Young Fred Urquhart was fascinated by insects, especially his favorite, the monarch butterfly. He wondered where monarchs spent the winter. No one knew. After he became an entomologist (bug scientist), Fred and his wife, Norah, tagged hundreds of butterflies, hoping to solve the mystery of the monarchs. But they soon discovered that they needed help. They started a “butterfly family,” a community of children, teachers, and nature enthusiasts from three countries––Canada, the United States, and Mexico––to answer the question: Where do the monarchs go?’

Detailed materials in the back of the book include maps of monarch migration, the life cycle of the butterfly, and the cultural relevance of monarch butterflies in Mexico, as well as information on environmental efforts towards monarch conservation. This read will leave kids excited to go out and explore the beautiful creatures that exist all around them! 

Ms. Rosenstock included both Journey North and the Symbolic Monarch Migration in her book as resources! Get your copy today>>



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