Eastern Monarch Fall 2023 Report #4

published: 10/11/2023

Central Flyway: Leading Edge in Texas

Fall roosts and peak migration events are on the rise in Texas, which has become a hotspot of activity.

Joan in Plano, TX: “Monarchs enjoying frost weed and blue mist. After our extreme heat and drought this summer this was a most welcome surprise!” (10/10/2023)

Jean in Abilene, TX: “Midday photo of monarchs who have been in these trees for 4 days. Some are nectaring while others rest in the trees” (10/11/2023)

Activity Continues in the North

Even with the shorter daylight length and cooler temperatures that October brings, Journey North volunteers in the Upper Midwestern U.S. and in Ontario, Canada are still observing monarchs. How much longer will monarchs remain in these areas? Check out monarch fall migration maps from previous years and make a prediction.

Darlene in Point Pelee National Park, ON: “4:50-6:40 before 6:58 sunset, about 37 monarchs located on east side of Tip at Point Pelee National Park, in clusters already established (5:05), looking west standing on east sandy shoreline. A couple of monarchs still flying around quickly joined established clusters. They were in Hackberry trees mostly up to 25’ all on east/southeast sides of trees to catch the sunrise to warm…” (10/09/2023)

Eastern Flyway: Picking Up the Pace

The Eastern Flyway often lags behind the Central Flyway in timing of monarch roosts and peak migration activity. But since the beginning of October, the pace has picked up, particularly in Appalachia, the Southeast, and along the Gulf Coast.

Donna in Beaufort, SC“Observed both older, well traveled monarchs and fresh ones.” (10/03/2023)

Bridget in Hendersonville, NC“Monarchs flying through Cherry Gap on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Some stopping on the asters.” (10/04/2023)

Please Report to Journey North

If you are seeing peak movement of monarchs, roosts, or presence of monarchs at any life stage, please let us know. Your reports are crucial to our understanding of monarch migration.

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