Happy News


Dear Friends,

We’re so happy to inform you that finally the monarchs were seen in Cerro Pelon by the Butterflies and Their People Guardians and the CEPANAF rangers (Comisión Estatal de Parques Naturales y de la Fauna).

Today, at 12:52 pm on November 3rd, just one day after Day of the Dead, Pato Moreno sent us a message saying they spotted the first monarch, and one hour later they’ve counted so far around 27 [monarchs]. 

Meanwhile, in Macheros, Joel Moreno saw around 8 butterflies while observing from a rooftop at the Cerro Pelon Butterfly B&B. Also one of my sisters, Oralia Moreno, went to Zitacuaro and on the way back she saw at least 5 butterflies in a place called Rosa Santa, just about 20 minutes away from us… 

We keep trying to take pictures of them, but it’s too hard since they are flying high.