Eastern Monarch Fall 2021 Report #9


Published: 11/10/2021

Note: Observations highlighted in this report are from October 29–November 4. To explore more recent observations, check out “The Leading Edge” section of the news update and explore our maps.

Activity Still High in Texas and North of Sanctuaries in Mexico

Along the Central Flyway, reports were steady in central Texas and Mexico as more monarchs approached overwintering grounds. Some Journey North volunteers noted a cold front that put a temporary pause on migration.

Elsa in Monterrey, NLE: “A female in good condition nectaring in the garden, in this beautiful echinacea, 24°C, sunny, wind 3 km/h to the southwest.” (10/31/2021)

 Susan in Austin, TX: “There were Monarchs stopping to feed on flowers at the Sunshine Community Gardens this morning in North Central Austin … Over the course of the afternoon, I checked the skies above our house now and then with the binoculars and counted about 10 more. Poignant sightings on Dia de los Muertos. A strong cold front is expected later tonight.” (11/02/2021)

Carla in Austin, TX: “This is just a very small sampling of what is surely over 1,000 monarchs. They have stopped over to feast on my Frostweed.” (11/02/2021)

Debra in Dripping Springs, TX: “This Monarch has been clinging to a small twig for two days now. A cold front came through here in the early morning hours of Nov 2nd, 2021 ( pouring rain and temps in the low 50’s). The evening before the front, there had been at least a dozen Monarchs feeding here, right at dusk. I suspect that most of them have been brought to a halt here, migration-wise.” (11/04/2021)

Still Moving Along the Gulf Coast

Migratory monarchs were still noted along the Gulf Coast. These monarchs are playing catch up: the Eastern Flyway often lags behind the Central Flyway in timing of migration.

Robin in Port Bolivar, TX: “Monarch butterflies migrating through Crystal Beach, TX. Hundreds of them in the yards.” (10/31/2021)

Jim in Houston, TX: “sighted 77, tagged 39, over a 7 hr. period. This was the second day of peak migration at the Houston Arboretum and, judging by the sudden drop in migrants in the afternoon, may be the last … All sighted and tagged butterflies were migratory travelling due west, stopping briefly to feed exclusively on blue mistflower.” (10/31/2021)

Marie in New Orleans, LA: “[125 monarch] butterflies flying north along the Causeway Bridge that crosses Lake Pontchartrain.” (11/01/2021)

Ellen in New Orleans, LA: “The Causeway is 24 miles long. Every 3 tenths of a mile I saw 1 to 5 monarchs flying south. I observed this both traveling North and Southbound as I traveled the Causeway. The monarchs were all headed south.” (11/03/2021)