Spring Reaches Alaska

May 10, 2017 by Mary Hosier

"We were beginning to think we wouldn't see any tulips this spring."

Tulips Emerge in Kodiak, Alaska

As we close the season we’re thrilled to report tulips are emerging in one of this spring’s northernmost gardens. Peggy Demmert at North Star School reported on May 5th:

“We were beginning to think we wouldn’t see any tulips this spring. The grounds people had moved our raised beds right after we planted last fall. We didn’t know how it effected our tulips. We planted 25 bulbs and as of today, 5-5-17, 15 have emerged. With only 3 more weeks of school, I wonder if we will see them blossom? It would help if it would warm up. Highs aren’t even in the 50’s consistently yet but the first cruise ship arrived today. It must be spring!”