Spring is Progressing!

March 29, 2017 by Mary Hosier

Tulip emergence leads to big, beautiful blooms as spring progresses. Brush up on flower anatomy this week and be ready to look at your blooms with the eyes of a botanist.

“Happy day in Mrs. Stein’s Gr. 2 class at West Prep!” in Toronto, Ontario. Taken on March 28th by Cathy Stein.

Bundled in winter jackets and boots, students in Ontario celebrated in their garden. Students in Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Russia also discovered tulips emerging in their Test Gardens this week. 

“Our spring has been unusual. In February, we had temperatures in the high 50’s. Then, snow the following week. The Saginaw Bay froze and thawed a few times this year.” 
Bay City, Michigan on March 24th.

“It is snowing outside, so we thought they would not emerge yet.”
Emergence in Evanston, Wyoming on March 27th. 

“Some tulips have emerged this week. We’re so excited!”
Zelenograd, Russia on March 20th. 

Spring Blooms
Spring can be rough on early-emerging tulips. Students are learning that they are very resilliant plants. It’s hard to keep them down for long.

“Yesterday evening we had a terrible rain storm that beat many of the tulip plants down. Today they are slowly lifting up. In April, we will dig up the bulbs and see what has happened beneath the soil.”
Franklin, Tennessee on March 26th.